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Marketing Tools

This marketing and product support section contains high-resolution marketing collateral and image files of Fred’s products for promotional purposes only.

We also have marketing tools and tips for restaurants to promote popular items. With competitors both large and small, today’s independent foodservice establishments can easily order ready-to-heat foods and keep customers coming back for more.

Fred’s offers more than healthy profit margins. We can help you:

  • Choose which products to use for your menu
  • Use products in your operation
  • Get ideas to add our recipes to your menu
  • Choose or create merchandising tools to help market appetizers

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Product brochure containing Fred's for Starters appetizer information
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Not yet getting all the great food Fred’s for Starters has to offer? Locate a broker to help you offer great appetizers, generate more profit and be a happy operator.

Cook Up Higher Profits

The key to restaurant success is not just great food—it’s cooking up great food that adds up to more profit! Fred’s for Starters helps you heat up your bottom line and make healthier profit margins. Use our Food Cost Calculator and Operator Solutions to evaluate your menu items and restaurant efficiency to ensure that you’re spending your precious time and money wisely. Fred’s helps you calculate the cost and gross profit of menu items so you can make better, more profitable decisions for your operation.

Appetizer Pairings

Put your signature on Fred’s appetizers. Prepare them in combination with other starters, or serve them on their own with a delicious dipping sauce to make any meal special from the very beginning. Fred’s offers up recipe ideas, cooking instructions and even a chef blog to help you create and expand your menu items.


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