Why Trust Fred’s Frozen Foods


Fred’s Frozen Foods – A Long History of Quality

Fred’s Frozen Foods was founded in 1960 in Noblesville, Ind. We originally manufactured a patented line of pork loin fritters that was sold to restaurants and drive-ins in the Midwest. A facility in Carthage, Mo., was added in the late 1960s to start producing breaded mushrooms, zucchini circles and cauliflower.


In 1982, Fred’s introduced the FIRST breaded mozzarella cheese sticks – now a standard menu item in many establishments.

Plate of foodservice Spicy Breaded Pickle Chips with dip


the Brand

In the mid-1980s, the Fred’s product line expanded to include portion meats, entrees and mini-Mexican appetizers. In 1991, a facility in Piedmont, Mo., was added for onion ring manufacturing capability. The Fred’s brand was updated in 1999 to Fred’s for Starters®. The new brand was more suggestive of appetizers (as a “starter”) and gave us the opportunity to promote appetizers with a fun sports theme.