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For years, Fred’s has created the frozen appetizers you want to serve and that patrons crave. As the foodservice industry’s second leading appetizer brand, we continue to offer more ways for you to conveniently add signature dishes to your menu. Fred’s is your one-stop source for breaded and battered starter cuisine.

Innovative Packaging

Fred’s features recognizable color-coded inner labeling, which makes storage easier and more convenient. The colored labels display product, ingredient and nutritional information for a safer, simpler way to menu appetizers.

See our featured products or browse through our product categories to find the world of appetizer products Fred’s can offer your operation. Or download our Full Product Line for a complete list of our products, as well as original recipe and menu ideas.

Product Categories

Cheddar-style cheese cubes breaded in an Italian-style seasoned coating.

Fred’s for Starters uses mozzarella cheese that is produced to tight specifications for moisture, fat and salt content and is optimized to provide that stretch, texture and taste your patrons are looking for.

Freshly sliced jumbo sweet Spanish onions are thin cut and coated in a homestyle breading. Hand-packed for less breakage.

Fred’s for Starters onion products round out any menu. Made with select, premium, jumbo sweet Spanish onions, they’re delicately wrapped in a mouth-watering battered or breaded coating. Choose from a variety of coating profiles, packaging options, and slices such as thin cut, thick cut and petals.

Brined jalapeño halves filled end-to-end with cheddar cheese and breaded in a potato crumb coating.

Fred’s for Starters offers a selection of jalapeño products designed to fit your customers’ needs. Choose from stuffed, sliced or diced jalapeños.

Fresh-picked zucchini sliced in-house (stick) and coated in a flavorful breading.

Fred’s starts with fresh zucchini and cuts it into various sizes perfect for any application. Choose from breaded or battered circles and sticks. Our zucchini comes out of the fryer with the ideal brown, crispy coating and is delicious paired with a creamy garlic or ranch dip.

Portobello mushroom slices coated in a savory breading.

Fred’s for Starters uses the freshest savory, whole-button mushrooms—they’re individually quick frozen within only 72 hours of harvesting.

Premium white cauliflower, broccoli florets and whole button mushrooms coated in a flavorful cheddar cheese breading.

Fred’s for Starters also offers other traditional vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli and okra.

Crisp, Grade A petite green beans coated in a spicy breading and Asparagus pencils covered in a lemon and butter flavored batter.

Fancy Fries™ by Fred’s for Starters are fun, alternative vegetables with unique and exciting flavors.

Fresh-picked zucchini sliced in-house (circle) and coated in a flavorful breading.

Looking for a signature menu item? Fred’s for Starters is your source for unique battered and breaded specialty products.