Plate of foodservice Breaded Fried Pickle Wheels in a restaurant setting

The Fried Pickle Craze: Why Restaurants Are Jumping Onboard

One of the newest appetizers to take the restaurant industry by storm is the glorious fried pickle (aka breaded pickle or pickle chip) which became popular in Arkansas in the early 1960s. Today, fried pickles are being served throughout the country and, though not as popular as French fries, onion rings or other appetizers, momentum is building.

According to Google Trends, search traffic for “fried pickles” more than doubled in 2010 and interest has been increasing ever since. Due to such, many restaurants are expanding their menus to include fried pickles with various dipping sauces, especially ranch.

At Fred’s for Starters, we noticed the fried pickle craze early on and spent countless hours in our test kitchens working on creating products that fit our customers’ needs. In the end we not only came up with delicious Battered Pickle Chips, but also Spicy Breaded Pickle Chips for the more adventurous eaters.

If your restaurant is looking to add fried pickles to your appetizer offering, let us show you why Fred’s for Starters is the way to go.